PUBLISHED: 15 December 2018

Staff gatherings and discussion are open doors for everybody in an organization, or for individuals from a specific department to collect and talk face to face about different parts of business management that can't be examined by means of email.

Bitola Industries PVT. Ltd. (a parent company of iNFOTYKE ) has organized a monthly meeting in order to meet up close and personal with the staff, and have group discussions. The agenda of the meeting was to get:

  • • Progress reports
  • • Department updates
  • • Announcements of new hires or promotions
  • • Project management updates
  • • New policies or procedures
  • • New clients or contracts
  • • Awards or recognitions
  • • Upcoming events

The main agenda of the meeting was to ensure that everyone is in the know and that they're updated on critical business issues. The meeting was conducted very successfully with appraising all the employees and also discussing some of their problems so that the company could work on them and improve the company environment.