Bitola Industries Private Limited is a leading company in IT solutions. By integrating professional services ranging from IT to finance and recruitment, we can assist you in presenting your organization, products, and services in the best possible way, allowing you to develop your businesses to reach the widest possible audience.

Bitola Industries is a business group that aims to assist people by providing all types of IT solutions through iNFOTYKE, financial products and services through Bitola Capital, assisting hiring managers and prospective employees in trying to find qualified candidates and work opportunities through Corporate Jobs, and providing a platform for publishers and ad networks through Intelligent Ads.

OUR VISION: To achieve global renown by offering the greatest solutions to our clients in the fields of IT, financial solutions of all types, assisting recruiters and job seekers, and intelligent ad solutions.

OUR MISSION: To provide economic and growing benefits to customers, investors, and employees through a plan of action that is persistently progressive in everything we do.

OUR VALUES: To deliver the highest solutions and to satisfied our customers. The Group's fundamental principles are expressed in five major aspects of the business discipline: SAFETY, INTEGRITY, QUALITY, IDEAS, & TEAMWORK.

"We at Bitola Industries partner with our clients unlock growth by developing experience, ideas, and service to create a difference for the better."

Core Services We Offer

Individual and business customers may rely on us for a wide range of services. We provide our customers individualized, high-quality service.
We have mentioned the businesses that we provide to our clientele, along with a brief explanation, hereunder.

Information Technology

  • A professional web design and development company in India that offers bespoke website design, low-cost e-commerce services, SEO services, digital marketing, and a variety of other services.

Financial Services

  • We seek to improve individuals' spending habits in all sectors, bringing happiness and harmony to people across the India via financial stability and prosperity.

Recruitment & Staffing

  • Helps jobseekers makes the most intelligent career decisions. It helps them decide which company, industry and role is right for them.

Intelligent Ads

  • Platform for publishers, ad networks, and advertisers to Server Ads, Manage Campaigns, Define delivery rules, and Track campaign performance