PUBLISHED:Monday, 20 March 2020

iNFOTYKE announced the launch of their new financial services platform BITOLA CAPITAL, which aims to enhance substantive change of financial lives for individuals in all sectors, delivering peace and joy by financial stability and growth to people globally. Bitola Capital provides Loan, Insurance, and Investments.

It's always good to be insured against life emergencies and emergencies. The entire concept of an insurance program is to provide people with additional support to cope with accidents. Having insurance brings many benefits, such as risk management and cash flow uncertainty. This is also used as a strong investing tool.

Nevertheless, the brokers that sell insurance struggle to provide protection that suits the customer's needs in most of the situations. They knowingly or unknowingly hide crucial policy-related information from the customers. Several times, these agents market plans that rely on their profit and reward rather than on the customer's requirements. Due to the opaqueness of the insurance industry, a significant part of the investment fund goes into fattening the agent's pockets. Due to these factors, customers are reluctant to purchase insurance from agents.

We have launched Bitola Capital in order to solve this problem. Here we help our customers to find out best insurances with no hidden clauses.